Night and Day


The sweltering heat hung stagnant in the air. Except for the sometimes-oscillating fan, there was no relief. When the power was on, it was bearable.  When it was not, it was suffocating. My best bet was to lie as still as possible, to avoid increasing my heartrate by tossing and turning to find relief. The mosquito net around my bed fluttered as the fan sputtered to life in the night.  Stirring air was a welcome gift.  Turning on my side, light fell across my face through the open window. My friend the moon was just peeking over the tops of the palms into the garden below.  Full in her glorious white light, I couldn’t help but smile at her coming to call me.  I know the sweat I was sleeping in must have been glistening, but I arose to look her full in the face, resting my chin on the windowsill. The light of the sun shone in her reflection, and, as always, I prayed I can follow her example in order to be a reflection of His light.  Soon the light covered me fully, like a blanket.  As I returned to my pillow, the exhaustion of the past few days caught up with me. My breathing lengthened and deepened, until the light from the window went out completely.


The birds unfamiliar, sang their songs to me.  The waves of a lake, as big as the sea, lapped upon the shore.  Palms waved their frons, as the birds jumped from tree to tree. A cow mooed, and a rooster crowed.  The temperature cooled as the sun sunk lower in the sky.  The strange trees and bushes reminded me I am far far from home, yet they cradled me in a hug that brought relaxation to my soul.  There is something about the beauty of this land that causes me to want to soak it in.  Her climate is harsh, and the land rough but striking. Her people are stunning.  They are strong and resilient. Nothing is easy. Complexity is the norm. My heart is glad at the same time it breaks. There are no simple answers, but on this day, at this shore, it is enough to know He’s got the whole world in his hands.

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