Meet Anna


Meet Anna. She is a 10-year-old girl from South Sudan. She and her siblings came to the camp 2 years ago with her mom.  She has never met her dad.   Anna is a poet. Her chances of having her voice heard here are slim to non-existent, but she writes anyway.  It is her way to process life.  You will see she has a gift.

Here is one of her poems.

My Mentor

They tried to blind me,

But you protected my sight.

You made my learning

More comfortable and bright.

Now with clear vision,

I am able to see my future

My hope is restored,

Where I thought it was no more.

To appreciate you better,

I’ll always keep in school,

For my future to be brighter,

Working hard not to remain a fool.

Uche!  Thank you dear pastor,

God bless your partners as well,

You are forever my mentor,

As I bid you farewell.

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