Rainy Season


Rainy season greeted me with open arms upon my return to Uganda.  I woke from my exhausted sleep to the sounds of Thunder.  His voice here is deeper than at home, a bass to be sure.  Instead of rolling around the mountains and echoing through the valley, his noise skipped across Lake Victoria like a stone.  It created ripples of sound which expanded until the air was full of rumbling deep enough to shake the walls.

Not to be outdone, Lightning flashed her light through the windows to make sure I was fully awake to see her spectacular show. The effect of light and shadow playing upon the walls was one to behold.  Thunder and Lightning danced together as the rain applauded rather loudly upon the roof.  Outside my windows, my welcome party went on and on.  Sheets of rain fell and the wind blew them into the side of the building.  I was tempted to leave my room and head for the upstairs balcony to watch the performance.  I knew seeing the storm over the lake would be a magical moment, but I was snuggled into the covers and decided listening to a storm is just as magical as seeing one.

In a few moments, a power outage plunged me into complete darkness and immediately had the had the effect of amplifying the sounds of the storm.  No air conditioning motor running, no little power lights glowing on electronics, just dark and quiet…in the loudest possible way.  As the tumult grew to a mighty roar, I pulled the covers up around my neck and drifted off to sleep again…lulled by the rain into deep slumber.  You may find it odd that I can go to sleep with the world shaking all around me, but Thunderstorms are my love language and God knows it. Feeling the truth of his love for me, in the midst of a storm, brings peace which covers me like a blanket.  After 33 hours in the air, it is his little attention to detail that soothes my weariness and rocks me to sleep.

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