These Hands

hands pastor

These hands…

have played the great organs of Europe.

have knitted Christmas stockings for an entire family.

have baked banana, zucchini, and cranberry bread for the multitudes.

These hands…

have edited hundreds of newsletters.

have played hand bells and numerous other instruments.

have sewed clothes and embroidered pillowcases.

These hands…

have directed children’s choirs.

have clapped in ovations to the symphony.

have tapped to the beat of percussion.


These hands…

have guided students into the world of music.

have influenced many with their diligence.

have created calendars and organized mailing lists.

These hands…

have clipped coupons and newspaper articles.

have driven all over Atlanta.

have taken the family Christmas picture for decades.

These hands…

have responded to pain.

have given generously to others.

have fought for the freedoms of others.

hands of betty.jpg

These hands…

have reached out in friendship.

have flipped through magazines.

have inspired with their talent.

These hands…

have written notation and transcribed music.

have folded in prayer.

have cooked with love.

These hands…

have lauded my creativity and talents.

have held mine and guided me to art museums and symphony halls.

have educated and applauded me.

have imprinted music into my being.

These hands…

will be missed.

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