Michelle vs. The Mosquitos


Something a bit more lighthearted for you…and me.

In Africa, they have a lot of mosquitos. It is why I am taking Malaria medication while I am here in Uganda. The pesky critters are the same as ours in that they buzz in your ears, and hover around you looking for a meal.  They are different than ours in that they are smaller, and you cannot feel their bites so much…and of course, they can carry malaria.

My first night, they tricked me. It was probably their strategy for a newbie, and I think they can smell a rookie from miles away.  The weather in the shade with the breeze is glorious here. Especially knowing that at home, everyone is frozen over. I was sitting beside Lake Victoria in Entebbe as the sun set.  Just like at home, the little buggers came out to eat.  I noticed around the lights there were thousands of them, so I headed indoors.  My room was screened in and had an AC unit so I turned it on.  I couldn’t get the mosquito net around the bed so I went without.  No problem.  In the morning, I had no bites. Round 1 went to me.

So, the next night in Arua at my new location, I didn’t even attempt the net, and because there was no AC I slept in as little as possible, on top of the sheets. Can you say feast?  I woke with bites all over.  Fortunately, they do not itch like they do at home, and I brought anti itch cream with a suspicion that I would be on the mosquito menu. Round 2 went to them.

I was determined to not fall prey to the blood suckers again.  Before dressing, I sprayed myself with bug spray for the day.  I came home with more bites.  I wondered, do African mosquitos think my American bug spray is perfume? Does it attract them rather than repel them? It appears they crawled into my sleeve and chowed down.  Round 3 went to them.

Finally, I figured out how to use my net for sleeping.  Only did you know, that if one mosquito gets inside the net, it turns into a cage? I slept in a cage with a mosquito.  Round 4 went to them.

I saw some mosquitos in my room.  I got my flip flop ready.  I danced wildly swinging it over my head, until I got them both.  Round 5 went to me.

In my cage…I mean bed, I carefully checked for rouge mosquitos.  I saw one on the inside of the net, just hanging around waiting for me to go to sleep. I tip toed to my bag and got out my spray.  I used the element of surprise and sprayed him to death.  I also mostly sprayed me to death too.  I could not breathe.  I’m not sure who won the round.  I coughed all night…but no bites.  He died…so I am claiming victory for round 6.

It is half time and currently the score is tied.  The bites I have from earlier are fading.  My strategy to win this is to receive no more bites for the next three days. Here I go…back into the match….


3 thoughts on “Michelle vs. The Mosquitos

    Thanks for the humor. We will remain in the winter safety of our home and get out the popcorn and wait for the next match! – luv, mary

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