Seasons Change

Tidbits for Teachers are regular SHORT inspirations to bring hope and encouragement to teachers in all settings.  I hope to give you a shot in the arm and remind you why you chose this career in the first place.

IMG_9673The light has changed.  It is soft and golden.  It shimmers down through the leaves creating shafts that reach from sky to earth.  The leaves are shifting shades.  One tree at a time changes clothes. Their new fall outfits stand out upon the mountain, causing it to blush.  The clouds are dancing shadows over the surface which mirror the white puffs in the sky.  Fall has arrived with cool mornings and warm afternoons here in Georgia.  The season is changing. Did you notice?

The start of the school year is over and done.  The first grading period is winding down, but the real work is amping up. Which kids need more intensity in specific skills? Which ones need more challenge?  Who is still struggling?  How can you meet all the needs and teach all the standards?  This is the time consistency is key.  This is the time one day builds upon another.  It is the in-the-trenches-day-to-day work that builds the foundation for the rest of the year.  Between Labor Day and Christmas the days seem long, but they are some of the most productive because of the season change.  The mindset of the students shifts from summer fun to fall effort.  Parents get serious about success once that first report card goes home.

In the midst of the shift, take some time to pause and take in the beauty of the change.  Breathe deep.  In. Out.  Soak in the chill and the warmth of fall. Know that you can up the intensity of instruction without upping the stress.  It is possible, if you take the time to breathe with the changes of the season.

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