Sunday Afternoon Blues

Tidbits for Teachers are regular SHORT inspirations and tips to bring hope and encouragement to teachers in all settings.  I hope to give you a shot in the arm and remind you why you chose this career in the first place.

IMG_9673Sunday Afternoon Blues are experienced by most teachers on a weekly basis, right after their Sunday afternoon nap.  Somewhere around 4:00 p.m. the reality sets in that you have to work on the lesson plans you have been putting off all weekend.  The problem with this tendency to procrastinate is that there is a black cloud hanging over your head all weekend.  This makes Sunday afternoon a grumpy time, and let’s admit, it isn’t really fair for our families to take the brunt of this weekly practice.  Here are some tips to avoid the dread and improve your Sundays.

  • Begin on Wednesday thinking ahead for the following week. What kids are getting it?  Who still needs help?  Is there an assessment you need to give? What resources do you need to start gathering?
  • Thursday sit down and sketch out the plan. It can still change as you meet with your team etc… but at least you have some idea of what you want to do.
  • Friday solidify your activities for the next week and pull together copies and resources.

If you are one to ignore the previous three tips, welcome to the Procrastinator’s Club.  90% of all teachers are in this club and pretty much hate the 10% who can actually follow the first three steps.  Seriously, if you are a put-it-off teacher that is okay.  It works for you.  However, if it causes stress, and disharmony in your home you might want to try a couple of things to make it a tad bit easier.

  • Keep sticky notes with you at your table where your groups meet, or on your desk…wherever you work.
  • Throughout the week jot down things on said notes such as page numbers or ideas for a group activity, or maybe a list of students names who need something extra. Whatever thoughts you have regarding what needs to happen for a given subject area based on what you are seeing at that very moment. These don’t have to be full sentences even…just bullet points. Each day gather all the sticky notes and put them on your desk or, depending on how big your piles are, stick them to the white board. On Friday, stick the notes on your computer so when you open up on Sunday afternoon your ideas are all there for you.
  • Sort your notes into different subjects/groups.
  • Write your plans using the notes.
  • Get to school on Monday morning to run copies for Monday’s activities. You will have to stand in line behind all the other Procrastinator Club members, so make sure you are there EARLY.  Monday afternoon run copies for the rest of the week.

Hopefully these tips will prevent Sunday Afternoon Blues, or at least diminish their unfortunate side effects.

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