We have all heard the saying, ‘When life gives you lemons…make lemonade’ and we know that it is easier said than done.  We also know that it CAN be done. In the spring, my teaching partner Mary and I were taken by surprise when we were told we would no longer be needed in our current positions as Early Intervention Program teachers.  Looking back on it now, we realize it wasn’t a sudden change, but a calculated strategic move due, primarily to budget constraints.  This put us in the difficult position of having to walk away from careers that we loved rather than watch the students we served lose the services we provided. We had no idea, when we made our individual decisions what we would do for income.  Neither of us had a plan.  We did what we tell our own children never to do…leave a job without another one on the horizon.  However, within a week or two a lemonade idea made its way to the forefront…start a business. Together.


I am happy to announce our lemonade stand…M&M Educational Solutions.  We are opening our company beginning in August.  We offer tutoring, consulting, advocacy, and workshops.  In essence, everything we did before we are continuing to do, on our own.  This will give us the ability to do what we know works for kids, as well as the freedom to actually do it. We are so very excited that we have not had to give up what we love after all!

We want to be lemonade makers.  It doesn’t make sense to harp on the lemons when there is nothing that can be done about them.  Instead we want to be the type of people who look at the bright side and try to find the silver lining behind every cloud.  It is about perspective…a new day…a new way…to meet the needs of students!



Solutions we offer:

Tutoring– We work with students in the areas in which they need help.  In collaboration with the teacher, we practice skills needed to fill in learning gaps.  In doing so, we make a way for forward academic process and therefore, success!

Consulting– We meet with parents to craft an individualized and detailed step by step academic plan.  This goes beyond tutoring by creating a path for growth using our experience and expertise to choose research-based strategies to increase the potential for success.

Advocacy– Our advocacy for students includes going with parents to teacher conferences, IEP, EIP, and RTI meetings or any other interaction with the schools in which parents want experienced educators who know the system and laws well.  We are educational interpreters!

Workshops– We offer workshops that are geared towards specific goals.  Such as: How to write college application essays, Writing prep for SAT/ACT, Personal Finance for teens


For schools (both public and private) we offer:

Case by case– Individualized consulting for specific students.

Professional Development Workshops and Training– Strategies for diverse learners, Differentiation in the regular classroom, and other needed topics for teacher training.

System Development– Create customized protocols for schools to best serve diverse learners.

A friend is hosting a Meet and Greet from 9:00-11:00 a.m. Saturday July 30th for anyone interested in tutoring…or anything else we offer.   The event will be in North Hall County…call us for the specific address. 

Please contact us, we’d love to help!


706-892-7577 or 706-969-2974

Our business Facebook page is M&M Educational Solutions

Please, please, please like and share our FB page with any teacher or parents you know.

(Our webpage is currently under construction…coming soon!)

6 thoughts on “Lemonade

  1. I’m so glad to hear this – how exciting for you both, and especially for the young minds and parents you will help!

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