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If you have known me at all, at any stage of my life, you have known my struggle with my weight. As a young girl I had an issue with it before I was even overweight, when my perception of myself ruled whom I saw in the mirror. Because of this warped view of myself I have dieted on and off for years. When I tell you that I hate dieting and all things to do with it, I am not overstating things. It is the truth. Diets make me angry. Angry with myself. Angry with my food. Angry with my lack of ability to maintain any weight loss that I achieve. That is why this year, when I once again began the diet roller coaster ride, I didn’t set a weight loss goal. Instead I set 3 goals: To feel better. To have my clothes fit better. To reverse my diabetes.

My long time diet buddy Jessica, who recently lost 80 lbs. had just started a group called Find Your Food. The idea that there are some foods that work for my body and some that don’t put the power back in my hands to determine which is which. My mind latched onto the concept of thinking of food as an experiment. Take out all possible problem foods for 30 days. Then add one back at a time to see how my body responds. Seems so reasonable and common sense, and unlike former diets that control every grain of rice, this approach allows me to make decisions about what I will and will not eat based on my “research.”

We started in January. I say we, because Bill also wanted to find his food. Once the detox stage was over, food got quiet. The cravings and temptations were minimal. We felt better, had more energy, and less aches and pains, and Bill’s thinking got clearer…so much so that he asked if we could continue for 30 more days, and then 30 more after that. We have tried adding back some foods and are surprised at the reactions of our bodies. The range has been from no difficulty to pretty darn sick. We are finding what works and what does not.

Today I went to my diabetes doctor for my usual check up. And guess what? I no longer have diabetes! It has been reversed!!! My blood work showed I no longer need medication! I thought that this goal would take much longer than 90 days to achieve. I was stunned that it happened this quickly. Yes I have lost 28 lbs…but to me the more important thing is the health that I have gained! I will continue to eat, fresh, non-processed foods. I will lose more weight as I do, but that is not my focus.  I will continue to do this experiment and find my foods!

If you want to join our group go to or join the Find Your Food facebook group. We’d love to have you.

6 thoughts on “Amazing News

  1. Wow! How wonderful! I’m thrilled that you are finding success in this short time with all of your goals! Congratulations!!

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