Ode To Dogs

Pet is too small a word.

It is one dimensional.

It is flat and cannot contain all that it is supposed to describe.

Companion is a better one…

One who walks beside

Or maybe Champion…

One who defends, and protects

Affectionate one…

Whose whole body explodes with joy

At the sight of one of us

No matter what the day held

Or who has what mood

Faithful one…

Dependable, steadfast, and sure

Just to be near

Just to sit next to

Is the desire of the heart

Love expressed

In fur, tail, and tongue

Contented one…

A sigh which blows stress away

Breathing in acceptance without words

Understanding curls up next to me

No words needed.

2 thoughts on “Ode To Dogs

  1. Michelle- there are no words for losing a pet. When you love a pet, they are an intricate part of your person. I can tell you that my dog is so dear to me; she loves me when I need sleep, when I am in a bad mood, when I need a shower. All she asks is that she be near us. How can one not love that lovely being? Jo-Ann

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