NOW is the Time

IMG_9773I was at a retreat this weekend and during worship I heard the Lord speak to my heart. It was for the parents in the room, and several requested a copy. As I was writing it up, I thought it might also be for other World Race parents…but then I thought it might be for ALL parents, so I decided to post it as a blog.

“How dare they believe us! How dare our kids believe what we taught them was true.   What were you thinking when you prayed for your children to know my voice?  What did you expect? Safety? Pain free life? You didn’t know it, but I was preparing them through your prayers. You didn’t know it. You thought you were praying one way, but in reality you were praying for MY WILL…and that looks much differently than you thought. And NOW…now is when I am revealing what you were really doing all along as you were praying they would follow me…and they DID!… and NOW the secret is revealed it was for YOU that you were praying. It was for this time and space. What did you think it would look like for you when your kids said, “Yes”… Rest? Coast?   NO. That is NOT my plan. My plan is not what you thought or expected because my ways are not your ways. My ways are higher and hidden until my timing and now is the time for revelation. I am not done with YOU! I have more…so much more! You are only just touching the surface. Watch what I will do…feel hope…feel my grace…SEE my vision. You are part of my vision…you are needed and wanted and desperately sought after. I am doing a NEW thing. Can you not perceive it? It is springs in your desert. It is a deep well to add to the flow of the river. Your kids are the river and you are the well. Depth. You are not finished…because I am not finished…watch and SEE. I am good. I am with you and for you. No borders means no limits. No AGE limits. No boundaries. Let go of what you wanted, and let me show you what you were really praying for. Embrace my ways. Your well is NOT dry!! It is deep. “

2 thoughts on “NOW is the Time

  1. Excellent. I remember thinking when mine were younger that one or more could be called away for missions. And another time when one was acting out and I heard God ask me, “‘What do you want for this child?” I answered, “For them to know You like I do.” And He replied, “Then let Me get on with it.” It was a strange sort of comfort.

  2. So, powerful! I had an amazing day – filled with several miracles! And now this to ponder and to give thanks for God for hearing my prayers. We need to remember that our prayers never die. (Mark Batterson) And we are just part of the journey our kids our on. But what a great part we play behind the scenes!!! Thanks for sharing, Michelle, it touched my heart! Thank you, Lord, for answering our prayers in your time!

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