More of my 1,000 gracefilled moments…

61.  A Wild Canadian Geese couple looking for a place to rest… overhead…flying, honking…then gliding and touching down in the sparkling lake water like they are skiing…settling in.

62.  Same lake, different couple. Mallards. Hugging the side, in the shallows. The green head of the male shimmers in the light, and the female paddles alongside leaving v shaped ripples behind.

63.  68 degrees and sunny in February.

64.  My children around my table.

65.  Warm cookies, milk and conversations.

66.  Listening to music with my man-child.

67.  Celebrating with my daughter the fact that she will NOT have to take the GRE to get in grad school.

68.  A tree with a story to tell through its twisted trunk.

69.  A hornet’s nest that is a work of art.

70.  A vacuum that works.

71.  Friends who hike with me.

72.  Soft blankets.

73.  Dogs that snore.

74.  Naps in the afternoon.

75.  Middle of the night messages from God.

76.  Making breakfast for my family.

77.  Hearing that my aunt was spared severe injury when a bookcase fell on her, and praying that the ribs she broke heal quickly.

78.  Hearing that my dad was spared severe injury when he fell in the parking lot when trying to help my aunt, and praying that his arm and black eye heal quickly.

79.  A mom who takes care of injured relatives, and praying for them to heal quickly.

80.  Children who text when they arrive at their long distance destination.

81.  Posting this blog and finding out that it is my 1,000th post.  Love it when God does that.

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