IMG_9659More of my 1,000 grateful moments…

41. Colorful sunrises as I crest the hill to my school. Pinks, and blues, and purples spreading through the clouds as the mountains wake up. The best part of my day.

42. Children dancing in the snow with unbridled enthusiasm.

43.  Grocery shopping…because it means I have a job that pays money so that I can feed my family.

44.  Taking groceries to my car…because it means I can WALK not have to ride in a cart. J

45.  A Red-Tailed Hawk sitting on a wire overseeing his domain.

46.  Good Guacamole.

47.  Jazzercise with my friends who totally inspire me.

48.  Kitchen experiments.

49.  Fresh fruit.

50.  The ability to communicate care to cancer patients who find my story and need encouragement.

51.  Out of town company.

52.  Sitting up till all hours talking with said company.

53.  A rusty gate that leads to a gravel road which winds through the forest…and invites me to take a ride.

54.  A Red Pileated Woodpecker flying through the trees as streamlined as a jet. His black and white wings by his side, red head pointed straight ahead, aimed towards the rotten tree just up ahead. The only color in the forest on a gray winter day.

55.  Asian markets.

56.  Hornets nests that are works of art.

57. Cozy, soft blankets.

58.  Drops of water on glass, sliding and re-forming and sliding some more. Every drop a creation to reflect light, every drop a circle of light.

59.  Conversations about the deep mysteries of God.

60.  Weekends.

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