IMG_9815More of my 1,000 grateful, grace-filled moments…

21. Adult children who know I love them and their friends. And who feel comfortable enough to invite them all to lunch…even if it is 35 of them.

22. Spider webs. They teach delicate can still be strong…that intricate is different than complicated…that art is sometimes sticky. And also that making a mess of delicate, intricate, art is a bad idea.

23.  Dogs who nap in the sun.

24.  Friends who dance together.

25.  Tragic moments… not the tragedy, but the way in which they remind us that life is short and there are no guarantees.

26.  Manna miracles.

27.  Mountains of laundry…which mean my washing machine and dryer work to clean my clothes.

28.  Recipes that bring tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart…because the smells and tastes remind me of loved ones who are gone.

29.  Warm blankets on cold nights that make my bed feel like I am sleeping on a cloud.

30.  Hot chocolate. With lots of little marshmallows.

31.  Hot chocolate mustaches.

32.  Sunlight streaming in windows, transforming dust particles into golden angel dust.

33.  Not cleaning my house too often… so that there will be plenty of golden angel dust.

34.  Sweet nothings.

35.  The sound of planes overhead…reminding me to pray for World Racers who are all over the globe.

36.  Cornbread for breakfast.

37.  A glimpse of simple.

38.  A gaze of beautiful.

39.  Cars that work. Most of the time. Kind of.

40.  The black sky with a Cheshire Cat grinning moon.

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