More of my one thousand grateful moments…numbers 2-20

  1. A winter, country-black sky with an expanse of stars that reminds me of how small my problems are
  2. Shortbread cookies
  3. Children who love to learn
  4. Children who would rather not, because they are the ones who need an infusion of love
  5. Upper rooms
  6. Citrus moments
  7. Heart friends who ‘get me’
  8. Candles…lit and smelling…softening the atmosphere…on a normal day…for no reason at all
  9. Hot water. Clean water.  5 water sources in my bath room. 19 in the house…and I don’t have to walk more than a few feet to get to them. No miles walked with a bucket on my head. No standing in line. No dirty water that will make my family sick. No full day water retrieving that must be done every single day.
  10. The morning star at dawn on a deep blue sky
  11. Trees…all of them
  12. Funerals…reminders not to take life for granted…reconnecting with family…celebrations of lives well lived…remembrance of what is important
  13. New ventures which energize
  14. Laughter that is medicine
  15. Books of all kinds
  16. Broken hearts…not because they are broken, but because they are alive…they feel deeply…they know grace…they recognize pain=growth…they know what it is to truly love…they are soft and pliable, not hard as stone…they bring tears which cleanse…they are sensitive…they look up for healing.
  17. The ability to move…to walk…to stand…to exercise…to get to where I want to go
  18. Pencils…that are sharp…with erasers
  19. Quiet, early mornings when inspiration strikes…for writing

Add some of your own grateful moments below.

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