They say silence is golden, and sometimes it is true

Unless silence is a prison

Unless you do not speak because the wind will carry your words away

Unless you do not speak because

you are invisible.

Unless it is easier to remain soundless than to try to explain to deaf ears.

Some would make light of your silence

Or judge it.

Some would not understand that your silence is a choice.

A choice to avoid a torrent of words… which lead to an ocean of tears.

A choice to escape prying eyes

or glazed ones.

A choice to protect

or disappear.

Silence is easier than explanation.

Silence bites your tongue. Holds you still.

Waiting for wrath. Waiting for calm.

It is heavy…this silence. A burden to bear.

A part of you that was not a choice, not in the beginning.

Now, it is a harbor.

A refuge.

A tongue held captive.

In secret.

A soul that longs to be heard

In silence.

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