I’m Off

ImageI am about to fly around the world.  That idea is still sinking in because I never could have dreamed of taking a trip like this. Thailand?  Really?  I am a homebody by nature.  I love trips, but I love home the most.  Distant lands have only been pictures in my mind, never stamps on my passport.  The fact I even have a passport is somewhat of a mystery to me.  How did this happen?  Hannah took me to England, after she took Bill to Brazil.  She is an enthusiastic world traveler.  It is in her blood.  Has been since she was young.  Her passion is contagious.  Gradually I have come along to become fascinated with the cultures she has visited.  Never did I expect to go myself, but I am a work in progress and God has used the World Race to open my eyes to the plight of others in a way I hadn’t seen before now.  Slavery, disease, poverty…these are the norm in many countries.  My heart is being broken for those who have no hope.

ImageSomehow it seems to me like in all my security I have missed something of great significance.  Tomorrow I will get on a plane to go and find it.  Hannah will meet me there and show me so I can see for myself.  I am more than thrilled to see her and to celebrate and experience another culture so very different from my own.  Yet, I also know that I am going to be stretched, and completely out of my comfort zone…far, far out.  Working with women trapped in sex trafficking on the streets, working in the slums, doing construction projects…it promises to be a super busy week with both heart ache and joyous reunion.  Exploring the depths of my heart while pouring it out.  Discovering mysteries of an ancient culture while staying connected to the modern world.  They tell me not to have any expectations…they tell all racers that.  Just be open.  So I board the plane with an open expectant heart, open eyes, open hands and an open mind.  I want to see the hands and feet of Jesus in operation…I want to BE the hands and feet of Jesus in operation.  So if you are the praying type please feel free to lift us up…our safety…our communication with each other and those around us…our down time…our adventure.  Thanks friends…stay tuned….

One thought on “I’m Off

  1. Michelle, here’s some expectations you can and should have:
    A thrill to see, touch and hear Hannah in person (depending on their showering and laundry availability this month, smelling her might not be part of the thrill).
    To be blessed
    To be a blessing
    Me waiting for when you get settled back home to hear all about it.

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