The Miracle of Life


“When I die, and I assure you I am going to die…I want you to sue this hospital for everything they’ve got.  Promise me.”  I spoke these words to my husband with all the seriousness of a woman in hard labor.  I was convinced that I was dying and though he knew I was not, he promised me anyway. Bless him. Twenty minutes later I was giving birth to my daughter in a room full of medical students who were amazed at the tiny life that emerged from my body. The regular delivery room crew talked the students through every step of the birthing process.  It was a play by play, and honestly I could have cared less.  The more the merrier I said…just get this baby out of me!  And with the exception of a pause because the cord was around her neck twice, the delivery went smoothly.  It was their first time to witness a baby being born so there were tears all around and whispers of the miracle of life.  I couldn’t have agreed more…it was my first birth as well.


That was 24 years ago when my one and only daughter Hannah was born.  She was my only normal sized baby at 7.5 lbs. (The boys were all three giant at birth.) The thing I most remember about that night was her wide open eyes.  She was just taking everything in.  I held her and she quietly stared into me. Bill spoke to her through his tears and she turned to gaze at him. She was silent and still, but so very alert.  It was as if I had known her forever and in that instant I forgot what life was like before.  She was a part of my heart…on the outside of me.


Now that part of my heart is on the other side of the world attending to the needs of others.  Her eyes still observe the details around her; she still takes it all in, watching quietly.  Her heart is one of compassion.  Her desire to love people from every tribe and nation is evident.  She worships God with her whole heart.  My shy little girl has taken huge steps to be bold and courageous by walking into her calling.  She did not shrink back.  She did not make excuses.  She is doing what her heart told her to do.  In so doing, she is affecting not only those she is serving there, but she is opening eyes of those who are following her journey here.  Hard for me to believe that my tiny little girl is impacting so many people around the world.  It seems it was just yesterday I was carting her to dance lessons.  Where does the time go?  I am so proud of the woman she has become.  She has left everything familiar to follow God’s voice.  I admire that.  I thank God for that.  I thank God for her.  She is truly one of a kind, unique in every way.  I just love her so.

Happy Birthday Hannah.  I miss you more than you know.  I hope your day is filled with surprises that only God can orchestrate, and that you feel as special as you are.  You are loved greatly!!


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