My New Family


I did not choose to be a World Race parent.  That role was chosen for me by my daughter, or I should say more truthfully…by God.  It is not unlike any parenting role.  It’s just that most of the same concerns you have about your children who live close by are magnified when they are half way around the world.  When a parent gets a call that their child is sick, or injured, a feeling of helplessness is the first to surface.  Trying not to panic, your mind tries to latch onto the facts and figure out the best course of action.  A couple of years ago when Hannah was sick in Ghana, the only course of action was to pray and wait.  Even though I must admit my first thoughts were of the prices of airline tickets to Africa and who I knew with money that could buy them for me. Honestly, I could have panicked and gotten myself there, but waiting turned out to be the only thing I could do. Communication was limited and my mother’s heart was stuck thousands of miles away.  I couldn’t ask the doctor questions.  I couldn’t transport her.  I couldn’t check to make sure she had the right medicine.  I couldn’t even talk to her.  I pictured her sick and haling a cab in the middle of the night in a foreign country all alone. The hours before I heard more were filled with anxiety, in between my prayers for peace.  I can tell you that it gave a whole new meaning to trusting God.  Ultimately she worked through it without me.  She did what needed to be done and got the care she needed.  I was proud of her even though it meant she needed me less than I thought she did.  It was the first time my role had shifted from hands-on to intercontinental consultant.


This week my heart cringed when I saw that some World Racers had been in a car accident in Romania.  Reports that a couple of the girls were hospitalized in serious condition took me to my knees for them as well as their parents.  It is the phone call that World Race parents dread answering.  It is the circumstance we pray does not happen.  Our kids injured.  Yet the community we find ourselves in, of those who have been drafted as Racer parents, has stepped up with encouragement and prayers.  Words of kindness, and heartfelt well wishes have surrounded the parents involved and their injured kids.

We know that this could have been us getting the call.  We are aware that the world is not a safe place no matter where your kids are.  We know that there are no guarantees, yet we watched our babies who are no longer babies fly to fulfill their calling.  We knew it would be hard for us to watch them from a distance.  And we smiled anyway.   Now in this difficult place, after an accident that nearly claimed some of them we find our own calling has not changed as much as we thought.  We are still praying, albeit more diligently.  We find that our circle of children has expanded greatly from our own to all the kids in the World Race family.  We are sorting through the details we hear… on high alert should someone in this new family of ours need us.  We are embracing the parents and upholding them in their place of managing while in crisis mode.   Best of all we know that they are not alone in this moment.  God indeed had a plan when he drafted us to be WR parents…that we would grow, together not alone, but with our new family.  I for one am grateful for that detail.  Even as I pray for R Squad I know that there are multitudes doing the same.  Therefore, I am not surprised when I hear that there are two nurses on the squad that have stayed at the hospital around the clock to care for their teammates.  I am not surprised that no surgery was required or that statuses have gone from critical to stable.  I continue to pray for this new family I am grafted into, because I will weep with those who weep and I rejoice with those who rejoice.    I know that whatever the outcome of this event is, that God will show himself strong, and therefore, I can leave it in his hands and lay it at his feet.

7 thoughts on “My New Family

    • Thank you for putting into words what has been in my heart these past days…hearing of the accident, but also talking to my daughter through her tears…struggling with some issues–as WR parents we can listen and encourage, the best we can through poor internet connections—no hugs, no jumping in the car for ice-cream…it’s hard, but knowing we are all in this together sure helps.
      Elizabeth, S squad WR parent

  1. As a current world racer ON R squad- words cannot express the many thanks and the huge appreciation for this blog and especially for your prayers!! Although we (as majority of R Squad) are only a few hours south in Romania where the accident took place- we feel as we too are a “world away” as friends (family) on our squad,from our squadmates. It’s tough but we are defiantly lifting up our brothers and sisters and praising God for the lives He spared! This accident has given us a drive here in Romania where we are to beat down the devil more and to LOVE and embrace each other (and the people we are working with) more and more. Praise Jesus
    On behalf of R squad racers, once again many many thanks!! Keep praying as God is faithful and will heal!

    • Nikki, thanks for your comment! I am was so excited when I was checking my blog stats and Romania was lit up on places that are reading! Please know that all the parents are praying for not only the girls in the hospital…but you guys on the squad too. We know that when you travel and live together like you have been that you are as close as any family. I am praying that Jordan and Jessica could continue the race…if not right away, then in a very short time and that their recovery would go both smoothly and quickly. Blessings to you all!!

      • Thanks so much!! That’s so huge! Your right- as a squad- it’s now family so when they are hurt- we feel it too. BUT God is good and is carrying us through and the prayers are being felt. Thanks again!!

  2. I was a Racer last year on L squad. It’s amazing the journey that we go on but I think there is such a special journey that God takes the parents on too. Well said! Love this and thanks for verbalizing how they all feel! I was hoptialized in Malaysia with e. coli and it was agony for my parents. But, Jesus has us all in the palm of His hand and His will is perfect, no matter what it may look like in the moment! Blessings to you!

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