I Gracefully Accept…


First I would like to thank all my friends who have supported, encouraged, and never given up on me.  Your faith in me has kept me going on days where it would have been easier to quit.  I would not be standing here without you.

To my family, you have made me who I am.  In the darkest of times you have been the light.  To accomplish this feat took strength that I drew from you.  Thank you is not a big enough sentiment to express my gratitude for your uplifting words and prayers.

I would be remiss if I did not thank my body.  If you had not fought I would have succumbed.  If you had not responded, I would not be breathing.  It is hard to underestimate your role in this accomplishment that is a half-century in the making.  You are the only one who has been with me every moment of every day.  I thank you from the bottom of your heart.

Last, but never least, I must thank God.  It is he who created me in his own image.  It is he who has held me, given me courage, laughter, love, and a million other good things.  He has taught me what it means to be beautiful no matter what I look like.  It is he who gives me my every breath…even the one to blow out the 50th candle on my birthday cake.


I am overwhelmed and stunned by the sheer magnitude of this event.  There were days I didn’t think I would make it to this point, and so I stand here humbly before you with a grateful heart.  I celebrate this day, with you all, because of you all.  I lift my hands up and say with a loud voice…Bring on the cake!!  Woohooo! Happy 50th to me!!   Live fully y’all!!

2 thoughts on “I Gracefully Accept…

  1. Thank you Michelle, for your encouraging words. Your Mom just sent me this link to inspire me, as I am going through chemo treatments for breast cancer……..and this is a wonderful inspiration! Have a happy, happy 50th birthday, and know that you have touched my heart today with your message!
    God be with you, and your wonderful parents, who are my dear friends.
    Bev Cone
    Incarnation Episcopal Church
    Highlands, NC

    • Bev, My prayers are with you! Chemo is a rotten thing…but hang in there..you can do it. If you want my cancer story you have to go back in my archives to the very beginning. I started my blog during my treatments as a way to keep people informed. Just take one day at a time. One treatment at a time. One breath at a time. God is holding you close to his heart and he will give you the grace you need as you need it. Bless you!!

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