Blind Faith

I have had many blind faith moments over the course of my life…moments when I could not see the outcome of a circumstance, and I had to just trust God in some way or another.  There was no rational explanation for how I was going to survive, my only option was to believe the promises I have received from the Lord and to hold on tight.  There have been big and little times along life’s journey where this type of faith was required…some relating only to me, others to those I care about.  Blind faith moments are not easy…in fact they are a bit like stepping off a cliff.  Yet, once the plunge is taken I find that the drop is not as far as my imagination had believed, and I learn his faithfulness becomes more of an expectation rather than a risk. Image

Today it is my expectation that God is going to hold my daughter close to his heart in the next month of her journey in Moldova.  That he will show her great and marvelous things which she does not know.  That he is going to use her mightily with the orphans to which she will be ministering. That her own eyes will be opened to their plight and the human trafficking world that steals them away.  I know that she and her team are going to be protected and secure as they rest in his hands.

This is my blind faith moment, because this month she will be in a more primitive place than last month.  We will likely not be able to communicate often, since she will have to travel to the nearest village to find internet…and a shower.  Last month I mentioned that I felt like I had gone from the front row, to the back row.  Now I understand why, because the back row was preparation for the black out.  Not being able to see photos, and videos…blogs and comments is like pulling the plug on my view of the race which I feel so much a part of.  I know I will be able to see the posts of other teams and squads, but there is something that just jumps for joy when I see my daughter’s face among the others in photos from the mission field.  Without that, I am blind.

However, without the techno link I am forced to use the spirit link…the one where God wakes me up in the night with dreams, or speaks to my heart with specific prayers to pray or scriptures that apply to the exact circumstance taking place across the sea.  The link that joins my heart to those God has put into my life, which connects me to them without computer words, phone calls or pictures.  It is spirit…no internet required.  It is the way kindred hearts have communicated for centuries…listening to impressions, paying attention to heart-speak, and concentrating on fleeting thoughts.  No longer sidetracked by competing sources of information, I pay attention to the inner voice I know so well when things are quiet.  The inner voice of blind faith.

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