A Beginning

And it begins. Hannah left today for her World Race training camp. From what I can gather it is kind of a practice run of what life will be like for the next year of her life. She and her friend Guille loaded up their gear and drove off, leaving me standing in my driveway once again watching my offspring fly away. No tears…not yet. I realize it is only a week long camp. She will be back and we will have several weeks before she really leaves for her mission. However, this is the first big step in that direction. Until now it has been planning, raising funds, and arranging details. Now it moves one step closer to reality, more than words…actions. Pitching a tent. Meeting her squad. Living out of a backpack. Stepping outside of her comfort zone.
This week will solidify all that she has in her heart. It will renew and refresh her passion for the people of the world. This week is the beginning of the life changing experience that is The World Race. She will meet her new family…the people she will live and share her life with in some of the most heart wrenching places around the globe. They will bond and begin to build relationships with one another as they determine how to live with very little. They will learn to trust God in a very real way…in a depend-on-him-to-survive kind of a way. I admire her so much. She is pushing past the fear, the anxiety, and the unknown. That is a big deal for a shy more introverted person. A very big deal. Like stepping off a cliff. I couldn’t do it, I can tell you that.
People are asking me, “How are you doing with all this?” My answer is surprising, even to me. I am so enthusiastic, and at peace that I am amazed. I know that God has prepared my heart for her journey for many years…since she was five and told me God told her to “go.” Now that the day is approaching (rapidly, I might add) I am feeling confident that she made the right choice for her life. This fits her like a glove. She is so happy, and this is right down her alley. She knows all about the beliefs of the people groups in these countries. She has studied them for four years. Do I worry about the danger? Absolutely. Do I know God will be with her? No doubt. I am watching him move mountains for her as far as support raising…also a difficult thing for a shy person. I see his hand in her every move, from what tent to buy, to money coming in from people she doesn’t even know.
Bottom-line…I trust him with her. Her very life. I cannot turn off the protection switch that every mom develops instantly when their baby takes a first breath, but I can focus it heavenward as I sink to my knees on my daughter’s behalf. After all, God did send his son on a mission…he knows my parent’s heart at sending one into a world that is hostile. He knows my fears. He knows the thoughts that race through my mind, and he knows how to silence them with a whisper, “Peace be still. I have her. She rests in my care. I am doing my work in and through her. She belongs to me. I protect what belongs to me with my life. Be still my beloved and watch what I will do. It is only the beginning…”

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