I love winter. Southern winter that is. I love the snow, the cold, the wind. All of it. However, in Georgia winter never lasts more than a few days at a time. I feel sure that if I lived somewhere where snow stayed on the ground for more than two days, or where it was below freezing for weeks at a time I would have other opinions. But as it stands I am a southern girl who loves the few flakes we get each year.

I also love the fact that I live somewhere that has four seasons. Each one is distinct and remarkable. But sometimes, like lately, I wish for one season while still in another. It seems that this winter has been particularly drab. Gray, bland, and devoid of color. Not much snow to speak of, more cold rain than anything. It has been a lot, even for a rain-lover like me. So today I took action. I pulled out my Bath and Body Works Wild Honeysuckle body lotion. I couldn’t help myself…I just wanted a whiff of sunshine. The smell is heavenly, and while it isn’t quite the real thing, it is the closest I can get for now. If I close my eyes I can see the little pale yellow flowers spilling over fences, and climbing over rocks. I can hear the bees buzzing around to gather the sweet nectar. I can taste the droplets of delight on my tongue. For a moment, it is early summer.

I quickly decide that I can make it summer all day by smoothing the lotion over my skin. I practically bathe in it while I am still warm just out of the shower. The mirror is still steamy, which replicates the humidity of a southern summer beautifully. You may think me crazy, but it worked. Gave me a pep in my step all day. If you passed me floating in my fragrant cloud and felt a sudden rise in your heart rate you might have a love of honeysuckle too…and a longing for summer. Feel free to stop me for a whiff anytime. 🙂

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