Message in the Mirror

I don’t remember when I started writing messages on mirrors. I think it must’ve been a graduation, or maybe a birthday. I did it to make the recipient feel special and celebrated. It grew from there to include Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Alive Days, Interview Days, Test Days, Just Because I Love You Days, and just about any other day where a message of love needed to be delivered. It isn’t so much about the message itself as it is about the affection behind the message. I have restrained myself from putting “to do lists,” or reminders of any kind because that would defeat the purpose. The notes are my way of saying you matter to me. You are important and loved…my way to say, never forget that I care for you. My kids have probably outgrown my little messages, but I write them anyway, because it is the heart behind the words that matters most.

It occurs to me on this day, Valentine’s Day, that God also sends messages of love. He sends them through his word and he writes them on our hearts. He whispers them in our ears. They have the same purpose, to reflect on the relationship. To show his genuine affection for us. He says, “You matter to me. You are important and loved. Never forget that I care for you my Beloved.” We may think we have outgrown his words of love to us. We may not even recognize them anymore, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t give them. It is his heart to pour them out whether we are aware of his affection for us or not. If you watch for him and listen, you will find his amazing love for you expressed, on Valentine’s Day and every day through his messages. You only have to look in the mirror to see what is formed in you, and reflected there…his image. Beloved he wants you to see what he sees. His beauty shining out of your eyes. He has sent you a message in the mirror.

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