Holocaust Lectures and Exhibit

I went to the Fighting the Fires of Hate: America and the Nazi Book Burnings exhibit at North Georgia College last night. It is excellent and free. There is a series of lectures as well. Last night there was one about how to teach the Holocaust in schools…hard topic for any age, but especially 5th graders. The detail is left for higher grades, but the background is introduced early. For the record, I don’t teach the Holocaust but I have been fascinated with WWII for years. I went because of my interest in the topic rather than the teaching ideas. The speaker from the Holocaust Museum was knowledgeable as someone who has studied the topic for a lifetime. Her insight and perspectives were invaluable.
The exhibit, which is on display on the third floor of the library until March 15th, was also powerful. Thought provoking. Fascinating. The list of authors who were banned is staggering. The reasons for the ban horrifying. There are pictures of the books going up in flames. As a writer, my heart grieved. It was the beginning.
The lecture reminded me of where the beginning ended up. Burning books to burning people. It is mind boggling. Still. It is more than heart wrenching. There are not words, yet words are what we use to express the complex nature of the horrific circumstance that our minds cannot grasp. Then there are pictures which show more than words could ever say. Tears are the only response.
There are more lectures to come. Feb. 7th there is a concert/lecture about the banned music. Feb. 25th a lecture about Architecture, Art and Film. The wrap it up lecture is on March 8th, Looking Back, Looking Ahead. I will be at all of them and I would recommend that if you are the least bit interested, even if you are not, that you come to this important exhibit. More information is available at this website. http://libguides.northgeorgia.edu/bookburning

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