I wanted to write a review of Godspell. However, since my son is in it, and so are a number of students who have spent numerous hours in my basement watching movies and playing pool, I cannot exactly be unbiased. I have decided instead to write a shameless, over-the-top, promotional plug. If you don’t know musical theatre you may not know that Godspell is a modern day (well relatively modern…written in the 70’s) musical based on the book of Matthew. It includes the parables of Jesus, acted out by interesting versions of the disciples and a cast of other unnamed others. At White County High School, it has a circus theme paralleling the circus world in which we currently live. There is much symbolism throughout the production that will have you doing double, sometimes triple takes. The story is forever fresh because timelessness is God’s specialty, and it is, after all, based on the word of God.
However, as compelling as the story is, the life that the kids breathe into it makes the greatest impact. Their enthusiasm and comradery transfer from real life to the stage seamlessly. The silliness of the circus comes through immediately, but, at the same time the depth of the content takes your breath away throughout. Their tears are real, and so were mine.
The characters are truly characters in every sense of the word. There is laughter in abundance, which is timed perfectly to have maximum impact. The dance numbers had me wanting to jump on stage, and the music is classic. (Brought back memories of sitting around a fire and singing Day by Day.) Solos and choral numbers both tug at your heart while they have you tapping your feet. The heart that is poured into this production from sets, to costumes, to lighting, to sound, is on display every minute from curtain to curtain. The attention that drama teacher Pete Talton puts into every detail shows in the overall flow of the show and feeling that you are in the middle of a traveling circus. It is stunning visually. It is no wonder they took second place (missing first by only one point), at a recent regional competition.
I walked away uplifted. After months of depressing election coverage, this show was just what I needed to get my focus back on what matters. The parables of Jesus are amazingly relevant to what we face in our world today. It breathed refreshing life back into my weary soul. That may seem like a pretty huge statement. It is…but it isn’t an exaggeration, even for a shameless, over-the-top, promotional plug. Truth is truth, so since this show is pretty much scripture it will always ring true. But when it is performed by a group of kids who pour themselves into it so fully, it takes on a life of its own with dimension. It requires depth of thought that is so subtle you don’t even realize you are thinking hard until the bows are taken and the curtain is closed. This show has the power to transform…plain and simple. If you haven’t seen it, run…do not walk…run, to get your tickets now! You will not regret it!
Shows remaining are: Nov. 10 at 7:30. Nov. 11 at 2:30. Nov. 14, 15 and 17 at 7:30. Nov. 18 at 2:30 Doors open 30 minutes prior to show times. Cost is $10 adults, $7 students, seniors over 65 are free. This is the end of my shameless, over-the-top, promotional plug.

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