Summer Symphony

Today I had a much needed day with my girl. Shopping, nails done, dinner, and a hike. It was a respite from the hectic pace of the past few weeks. We found ourselves on the lake path at dusk, just as the birds were saying good night and the bullfrogs were beginning their song. Crickets chimed in, along with an occasional plop of a toad being chased into the water by Bella. Lightning bugs were in abundance, as well as children attempting to catch them. Funny to watch them sneaking on tip toe, thinking that the bugs with the light up tails will be easier to catch that way. They giggled adding to the summer symphony. The campfire smoke hung over the lake like a fog. Between the honeysuckle, and hamburgers, the smells brought back memories of summers past. Bella charged into the creek and plopped herself down, trying to cool down by rolling in the water. She drew the attention of a small girl who got there just in time for the spray of water from the doggie shake down. Wishing she had her dog with her at the campground, she enjoyed ours for a minute before heading off in the direction of her tent. The light fading into pink overhead was reflected on the surface of the lake as we rounded the last curve. We drove home with windows down so Bella could enjoy the breeze. I am exhausted, but today it is the good kind…the kind that will allow me to sleep. Sweet dreams.

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