A dream

I had a dreamfest last night. It is strange how I can go days without one and then suddenly have five in one night. I stopped trying to force a rhyme or reason years ago. I simply go with the flow. One of them last night I am sure came directly from my adventures with Hannah and her friends yesterday. It happens sometimes that I dream about things that have actually occurred. Nevertheless, there is a message I think that is meaningful. In some dreams, I am actively a part. In some, I am an observer. There are friends in some, and strangers in others. Still others are audio only with no pictures, and some are just still pictures with no audio. This one was a still picture…like a post card. I guess because a picture is worth a thousand words.
It was at the top of the waterfall we were at yesterday, which has cascades then pools that feed into the next cascade that eventually tumble all the way to the gorge below. The picture in my dream was taken in the pool just below the first cascade, where I was river walking yesterday. The pool is about ankle deep, with some spots going maybe to the knees. In the dream, there was a dining room table in the pool. It was big, and very wide like the one we have at our house that seats 12 people or more. There were many chairs around it, and if you sat in them, you would have the cascade on one end of the table and the drop off view on the other. It would be a spectacular sight no matter where you were sitting. The chairs were empty as was the table. No food, no people. Just a table and chairs sitting in the pool of a waterfall… that was the whole dream, yet the meaning was clear and immediate.
The beauty itself is the feast. It is what nourishes the souls. God is the creator and he invites us all to sit at his table and soak him in…not to come and go quickly, but to dine, to sup with Jesus and fellowship with others whom he draws to his table. It is in the river because that is where the flow is. The water throwing itself down at his feet, joyfully giving its all to be a part of the beauty and singing its song represents his spirit, which refreshes and cleanses as it travels to the lowest place. In this way, with our feet in the river, we will become a part of the song. The laughter of a shared table will blend with the falls and a joyful noise will be the result. The picture is an invitation, which asks, “Won’t you come to my table to fellowship and soak in my beauty?”

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