Wind in My Hair

I have a thing for having the wind in my hair. I never knew it until after cancer, but now that I look back, I realize it has always been there. My hair was half way down my back when I taught my horse to go from a walk to a canter in just a few steps. Somehow, galloping across a rolling pasture with my hair flowing behind me made me feel free. So much so that when I learned to snow ski, I refused to wear a hat. Sledding down the driveway at lightning speed was another opportunity for my tresses to soar, as was riding my bike through the neighborhood. Part of me has always been a free spirit.
However, I really didn’t become aware of this wind-in-my-hair need until after my cancer. I feel pretty sure I know why. Being bald certainly had its advantages. You never have a bad hair day. It only takes a swipe of the towel to dry your “hair.” A scalp massage when you are bald is unequaled; however, there are some things that are just not the same. A wig doesn’t feel natural no matter how good it is. Having to sleep in a hat to keep your head warm isn’t fun even if the hat is as soft as a bunny. Most importantly, the wind blowing over a shiny head just is not the same. It is a different sensation all together, not bad necessarily, but the feeling of freedom is missing.
Once my hair grew back, it was completely different than before. At first, it was “hamster” hair. According to my kids, it was soft and fluffy, just like fur. It grew in curly! Never in my life have I had curly hair. I must admit I enjoyed the chemo curls while they lasted. The color was salt and pepper, and even my hairline was different. The widow’s peak is gone. I now have a forehead. The curls fell out, the color returned to chestnut, and it is baby fine. All of that aside, I have hair that blows in the wind again! You cannot fully appreciate this until you have been without it.
In honor of this fact, I try to take every opportunity to find ways for my hair to blow. A friend challenged me to see how many ways I can accomplish this over my spring break. Here’s what I have done so far…
Riding in a boat
Driving my car with the windows down (and the music up)
Walking the dogs at night under the stars with a bright moon and a mountain breeze
Lying under the ceiling fan trying to cool my sunburn
To be continued….

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