Today’s Louise Visit

Went by to see Louise today. Ray said she had a bad night…meaning that she was up and about from about 1:00 am to 6:00 am…meaning so was he. When I talked with her she seemed more confused than the last time I saw her, and her hands were tremoring. I am hoping it is the fatigue setting in from her long night. She still is getting therapy a couple of days a week, though she seems to have plateaued in her ability levels. Her memory is still not good at all. Today we looked at a picture from Thanksgiving and she didn’t know anyone in it. We talked about each one and how they were related, but she didn’t seem interested and I am sure that a few minutes later she wouldn’t have remembered any of it.
She misplaced her purse and since there was a chance she put it down at a restaurant or store Ray canceled the credit cards and talked to the bank about the checking account. We sat with her while he went to talk to the bank. Once he got back, we left and he called shortly to say they found the purse under a bench in the bedroom. I have to say that the brain is an amazing and complex creation, but when it misfires it is so hard to watch.

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