I went by to see Louise tonight. She and Ray were on their way to eat dinner so we talked a few minutes in the driveway. She is glad to be home. She said she remembered the dogs, but she seems like she is in a different world. I told her that her memory is not too good and she thanked me for telling her. She asked Ray why he hadn’t told her. We told her that he had…that we all had, but that she just cannot remember. She seems alarmed that she doesn’t know what she has done or that she has lost her memory. She said it is scary.
It seems to me, that she has snippets of memory…like flashes, but nothing that lasts very long. Yesterday we told her we were talking to Gail. She said she remembered her, and that she lived far away. She couldn’t remember Colorado, but she knew it was far. Today she talked to Gail on the phone but she thought she lived in Georgia. It is like she has a flash, but then it goes away. Friday is her 76th birthday. Yesterday we asked her if she knew what happened on Jan. 27th and after a few minutes of thinking about it she said, “It’s somebody’s birthday.” We told her it was hers and she was surprised. Everything is a surprise to her now. She is very cute in her expressions when you tell her something she doesn’t remember…which is just about everything. Her eyes light up and she exclaims, “Really? Is that true?”
Starting Friday she will have therapists coming to the house to work with her a few days a week for an hour or so. It will be interesting to see what they do and if any of it helps her memory at all.

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