Jan. 8, 2012

I am sure I have told you I hate cancer before now. In fact, I am sure I have said it more than once. Even in the shadow of my good 5-year report it lurks, hanging over my mother-in-law. Today, most of the day we have been in the ER and now, tonight the ICU. Louise had either a stroke or multiple seizures today, most likely due to cancer. At the moment, we are waiting on the neurologist to get here. The ER CT scan revealed no hemorrhage in her brain. That is good news, however, she is unresponsive. Her eyes do not focus. She cannot hear our commands. She is lost to herself. It is her worst nightmare and that makes me cry. Last week her latest MRI showed no tumor growth. We celebrated our good news together. Today I watched her have a seizure in front of my eyes. I called to her and she looked right past me. When Bill arrived he was able to get a hand squeeze, and a finger to move. It is her only response today. Now she is resting under the influence of strong medication.
Now, a bit later than when I wrote the first part of this she is able to turn her head when she hears our voices, but other than that there is not much in the way of communication The EEG shows no seizures at this time, so on to the MRI she went. However, she would not be still for the image so no information tonight. They will try again tomorrow. We are praying. We are crying. We are hoping. It could go either way and honestly, we have no idea. My eyes say it is not good, but a year and a half ago I would have said she could not have made it through. She proved me wrong then. I am hopeful some of her spunk is still fighting. Please keep us in your prayers.

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