The Rain

I am sitting on my screened porch this morning. It is chilly and gray but I still love to listen to the rain despite the fact my hands are freezing off as I type. No worries. I have a steaming cup of hot chocolate close by for finger warming breaks as needed, flannel pjs, a scarf around my face, and a fleece blanket covering my legs. My boot is propped in the chair next to me. Lovely. I’m serious. It is lovely out here. I guess my definition is different than most, but the sound of the rain is lovely to me no matter what the time of year, or the temperature. It is soothing. It is quieter in the winter than in the spring or fall. I presume that is due to the fact there are no leaves for the drops to slide down. No birds singing, or wind to blow. Just the steady hiss of the rain in the woods. I so love that sound.

There is no profound statement today. No earth shattering message. Just quiet. A day to contemplate as I sit. Wondering what the new year will hold for me. Notice I said wondering…not worrying. It is a choice I make. The upheaval, the uncertainty, the unknown, all bow to the rain. Today is a day to hold on to what I know to be true. God is with me. He is for me. He will never leave me. He is as steady as the rain.

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