Dominos and Knee Saga

Last spring I hurt my knee at work while standing in a chair at work. I tried for weeks to avoid surgery, but ended up with surgery in July. They found more than they expected (surprise, surprise) so it has not gotten better like it was supposed to. For months now I have been doing PT in an effort to keep moving, shots, meds, supplements…whatever I could to make it better. About a month ago, I noticed my Achilles started to ache here and there. I went in to the doc who said it was from my limping. The domino effect. She scheduled me for more PT. In the meantime it got significantly worse, until I could barely walk. The insurance companies were fighting over who would pay the bill. My knee was workman’s comp and they say the Achilles is a new injury, while my primary insurance says it is related to the knee. While waiting for them to figure it out, my Achilles tore. Now neither insurance wants to pay for the MRI. I was supposed to have an MRI tomorrow to figure out how bad things are…but it has been canceled. I cannot tell you the depth of my frustration at this. Not only that but I am once again sidelined and immobilized. The opposite of what I want. The holidays are here…my kids are coming home…I am trying to be happy about that and to ignore the fact that I will not be able to do much of my usual Christmas stuff. I am sure God wants to have a word with me about it all…however, I am not speaking to him at the moment. (I am still in the tantrum stage.)

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