22 years ago

22 years ago today, I was in a hospital thinking I was going to die. In fact, I told Bill as I grabbed him by the collar, “When I die, and I am going to, I want you to sue this hospital for everything they’ve got.” What can I say? A woman in labor pain does not always think clearly. Add to that the baby was turned wrong, and had the cord around her neck twice and you get the idea. It was difficult and exhausting. (Now, after three more, I know that is the rule not the exception.) And it did feel like I was going to die no joke, but, several hours later I was overjoyed to hold Hannah Elizabeth for the first time. I remember her wide eyes just taking in everything in the room. She was not the least bit fussy, and when she heard my voice, she turned to look at me. Really look…almost study my face. Then she found my eyes. Made my life. I can still feel my heart exploding even now. You cannot know the capacity of love your heart can contain, until you hold your child in your arms. She was due on November 6th, not born until the 21st, but the timing was perfect…we took her home on Thanksgiving Day. I could not have planned it better. Thanksgiving took on new meaning that year for me and held it. This week is always a celebration of life and love…and thankfulness to God for all of our blessings. Including my 22 year old baby girl Hannah Elizabeth. Happy to you!

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