Where I am From

As a parent, we wonder how much our kids are getting of what we try to teach them. Wonder how they perceive the world around them. Sometimes we are surprised when we catch a glimpse of what they see. This is a poem Peter wrote for a class assignment. Hope you like it as much as I do. (I got his permission to post it here)

Where I am From
By: Peter Gunnin
I am from soccer,
The smell of leather and the green grass pitch
I am from warm southern days and the cold winter nights that numb your senses of all but yourself.
I am from the culture of the world, of music and the way it evolves with time, and moves others.
I am from art and logic,
From the interpretation of the world, and the analysis of the world.
I am from “be safe” and “have fun”
From a long day away with friends and a night full of comfort.
I am of the cross and the blood that drips from it,
The terrible price that was paid there.
I am from the strong smell of coffee and pancakes in the morning,
And dragging myself from bed to reach them.
From late nights and long trips to the emergency room, and the pointless questions asked while in pain.
I am from a fire, the suffocating smoke from which there is no escape.
From a disease people fear, but my people have beaten countless times.
I am from blessings and suffering that leads to more blessings.
Hiding in me is a boy,
Hiding deep beneath my mask of a man.
A cascade of courageous faces,
Jokes to keep the boy from being seen.
From the kindness of a savior,
I am scarred before I am cut, so the marks are less prominent.
I am from the strong rock and stone my name represents.
I am Peter Gunnin,
My true face, hopefully no one forgets.

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