Excerpt from My book

I wrote this several years ago, and today I was reminded of it as when I came into my house and saw the glowing colors in my kitchen again. The leaves are at their peak and I couldn’t love it any more than I do right now. This piece still holds true…for me anyway.


Today I woke up and noticed colored light painting my kitchen table as the sun was coming up. I looked out the window for the source of the light and found it was the trees in the yard. Multiple colors of leaves were glowing as the beams from dawn streamed through them. It was a glorious sight. All across the back of the house the effect was the same…stained glass.

That is what it looked like, a house full of stained glass windows. My kitchen, dining, bed and bathrooms all glowing like a house of worship. I think that we believe that churches and chapels are the only places for worship. Therefore, the majority of stained glass is there in those sacred places. We ooh and ahhh at the beauty and artistry of colored bits of glass as they depict holy scenes. They draw us to somehow acknowledge our creator and marvel at the scenes in wonder. They move us to reverence for God. Those windows display His Holiness.

But what if my own house is a place meant for worship as well? What if the scenes of my life are the scenes meant to inspire others towards him? My morning light show really brought my attention to the fact that I live in a house of worship…a place of His holy glory. The everyday rooms in my house are places the Spirit of God chooses to dwell, and my daily activities are my acts of worship. When I look at that fact, I am honored that he would choose my house. I am humbled that he would choose my heart in which to dwell. The forest is his palette today…so is my kitchen…and my heart. He is using his paintbrush to teach holiness, to inspire and to glorify himself. If I do not praise him the rocks will cry out…and the trees.

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