Time Travel

Who says time travel isn’t possible? For years the idea of a time machine has captured our imaginations. What if there was such a gadget which we could enter and be transported to a different era? What if we could go back? Guess what? We have such a vehicle…it peels back the layers of time and space. It is music. To use this amazing time traveling device, just close your eyes and listen. We went to an Amy Grant/Michael W. Smith concert last night and I was transported. The fact that they were coming into their own at the same time I was coming of age, made the 30 years of their music that much more a part of my past. In one song, I was in a dorm room with a bunch of giggling girls, eating nachos, and playing with a bunny named Benjamin. Another took me to a stone archway surrounded by worshipful voices caught up in song. Yet another I was watching guys play tennis rackets at an air band contest and laughing until my sides hurt. And that was just in the first 30 minutes of the concert! Funny how music connects within us. It truly can transport us through our memories, making yesterday as vivid as this moment.
There is also power in music to transform. Some of those songs last night were with me in dark times. They caused me to look up and regain my focus. To remember who I belong to. To hope. Others encouraged me in my faith. They were positive and uplifted my heart…still do. Some were fun. Simple. Made me smile. I guess it helps that these two artists have hundreds of songs of all kinds. At one point, Smitty was just playing the piano on stage alone. After a few minutes, he said, “I am having a hard time picking one out of the 150.” It was like sitting in the living room randomly thinking of a song and playing it…just trying to think of what message to deliver. Songs are messages I think. They deliver truth into our souls. No one can explain how it happens. They say that music uses more of our brain that any other function. We use it to express ourselves, while at the same time taking it in as comfort. It is two way communication, between the creator and the listener. It has the power to pierce, and comfort, and make us think and feel. When we reflect on all of this, it changes us. We all have our own preferences, but the truth is genre is unimportant. Style is irrelevant. It is how we allow it to speak to us and touch us that matters.
There is depth in music. It is so multi-dimensional. It transcends what we know and understand as it infiltrates our hearts. It is timeless and ageless. What else could be put into so many combinations and still not be exhausted? Like the universe, it is never ending as well as constant in its continual ongoing creation. It is far and wide in its ability to expand. It exists outside of us, yet when we participate, its beauty touches our souls and fills our spirits. Hmmm. Timeless. Ageless. Constant. Powerful. Creative. Expressive. Beautiful. Transporting. Transforming. Transcending. I recognize it…or should I say HIM.

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