First Days in Ghana

Bill talked to Hannah today voice to voice. She hasn’t gotten her new phone yet, but will have it tomorrow. The main issues so far are heat related. The fan in her room doesn’t work, and she doesn’t have her mosquito net yet. Sleeping in the heat is difficult with no air stirring. The internet on the campus is not good, so she will have to purchase an internet modem tomorrow as well. She thinks maybe she has bed bugs…but it could just be the mosquitoes, or the heat rash. (We are a bit paranoid about bed bugs at our house, due to her freshman dorm experience with them. Who knows? Maybe that never ending experience was preparing her for this. ) The locals say that it isn’t that hot yet…so that has her concerned. The rainy season starts in a few weeks and that is supposed to up the humidity and the heat. Yikes!

The up side is that they have been serving them more regular foods, like chicken and beef with rice. It is a bit spicy but more tolerable than what she was expecting. She has met the other students from the US and they toured the campus. She is making adjustments and settling in to her new life. She hasn’t got her roommate yet, due to the fact that she asked for a local. They do not come back to school for a week or so. Once she gets acclimated to the heat I think the rest of it will fall into place. That first bit of realizing that everything is so different will be hard, but she has done this before in Israel in the heat. She is a tough young woman and will adapt I feel sure.

As far as praying for her, please pray that she will adjust to the heat quickly and that her fan will be fixed soon. Grace to navigate culture shock and eyes to see the beauty of the place God has provided for her there. Also that God would continue to hold her in the palm of his hand and speak his whispers to her heart so that she can hear his voice.

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