Christmas with Louise

I know many of you have been waiting for an update. I am afraid the season has had me quite busy, with not much writing time. I have some good news for you regarding Louise and her progress. She seems to be doing much better as far as the falling goes. The physical therapy is paying off and she doesn’t fall near as often. She seems pleased with her progress and will tell you she is getting better. Her speech seems improved as well, though she still thinks she isn’t doing well. There are times you cannot understand what she is saying, but others when she sounds perfectly fine.
For the holiday, Bill asked where she would like to have the celebration and she decided to have it at our house. I gave her a list of things to bring, like salad, bread, peas and cookies so she would have a contribution to make. Ray and Ben were able to help her get it all together. I did the turkey and all the casseroles and such. We had everyone around the big table and had an enjoyable meal, then opened presents. Ray got a Nannie monitor. (We took it out of the baby monitor box so she wouldn’t see the picture of the baby on it.) The kids help him set it up the next day so he can hear the bedroom when he is in the office. Nannie got some vitamins and brain function supplements I got from the local nutrition store. She also go a snuggie to keep her warm when she is sitting in her chair. Afterwards we went to the candle light service at church. It was a wonderful Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning Ben wanted to have a big breakfast/brunch for Ray and Louise. We got there and fixed pancakes, eggs, grits and bacon. Louise let us fix and she enjoyed all of it. Then after I rinsed and she loaded the dishwasher. I washed the pots and pans while she dried and put them away. By the time we were done the whole kitchen was very clean! Teamwork! In the middle of breakfast, the snow started to fall. It was huge flakes and was very beautiful. I feel like Louise’s attitude is to try her best. She seems to have decided to make the best of it, and that has made all the difference. She has a scan tomorrow and I think the follow up doctors appointment is Wednesday to go over the results. I will try to update you again how that goes. Thanks for your continued concern and prayers for our family.

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