Louise’s Scan

As you can tell by my neglect of the Louise updates, I am back at work. This week is pre-planning and it is always a bit overwhelming to get a new school year started. Louise has had a couple of appointments. The most important one is the one with the eye doctor. She had the film removed and it improved her vision some, which I have already told you. She went back this week to be examined and fitted for glasses. One doctor examined her and said there are glasses that have a prism built in that should be able to help her some. I am not exactly sure why that would help, but it seems they use this for certain kinds of eye problems. He is hoping that it can help Louise’s particular issue. The man who fits glasses was not there the day she went, so they went back today to see him. He hopes he can have the glasses by tomorrow, if not by Friday. She is very excited to see if they will help. I asked her if they would look different than regular glasses and she said, “I don’t care what they look like as long as I can see better.” She did tell me that she thinks they are supposed to look like regular glasses. We are hoping that they will make a significant difference, because if they don’t she will be very upset. She says that she has been a bit blue lately and that she doesn’t really feel like doing anything. The hot weather has zapped her desire to go outside, that and the fact that she cannot see well. She is thinking that she will not be down anymore once she can see again. As you can tell she has a lot of hope in these glasses, so please pray for a positive outcome.
She also went today to have her brain scan. We thought they wanted to wait a while before doing it, but today they went ahead. She told me the radiologist is the one who ordered. I am guessing that he wants to see how the radiation worked. They have said she will have to have regular scans, about every three months or so. That is pretty much the norm for cancer scans. I had to have them that often the first 2 years, then they backed me up to every 6 months…now it is once a year. They keep a close eye on you, and for Louise, since she is still in treatment, they will watch her even closer. We will not know the results of her scan until next week. Once we know the appointment date Bill will try to go with them, since I will have to work. Louise said she doesn’t think it will be a big deal and she wants them to just call her with the results. I am not sure she realizes that the next step will depend on this scan. When I talked to her tonight she communicated well. She remembered some names, and even though she forgot others she was able to find most all of the words she wanted. The fact that she had two appointments today and was tired makes this a remarkable thing. Our prayers are for a good report, even though we don’t exactly know what that would be. We want more time with her. We want her to feel good and to be able to see. We are asking God for these simple things. We appreciate you asking him as well.

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