Great Idea

William had an idea yesterday afternoon. “Why don’t we take Father’s Day dinner to Nannie and Granddaddy? Then we can swim and visit.” We decided that was a great idea. We picked up some barbeque and went. When we arrived, we found out that Louise took a fall yesterday. It seems she was at the pool trying to get it ready for our arrival when she slipped and hit the concrete. Her main injury is her left wrist, though she said they both hurt some, as well as her hip. She seems to be able to move her hand fine, but in certain positions it hurts some. Peter, my broken arm expert, says he doesn’t think it is broken, but maybe a hairline fracture. According to him, she can move it too well for it to be a bad break. She is walking fine and it appears that her hip is just sore, maybe bruised. Today we may know how bad it is if she has trouble moving when she wakes up. She was emptying the bug basket and turned to get rid of a live frog quickly. She was in her Sunday shoes, since they had just returned from church where she had a “wonderful time” with all of her friends hugging on her. The shoes have a slick bottom with no traction, so her feet went right out from under her. Both her hands went down to catch her fall. We feel like it was a fluke, not a balance issue, though with treatments ongoing Ray will be watching her closely to make sure it does not become a regular thing for her to be off balance.
Beyond the fall, we had a wonderful evening. I brought coleslaw, baked beans, barbeque and watermelon. We ate every bit of it. We talked and visited before dinner while the boys swam. Then had Father’s Day gifts for Ray. We ate and then all went to the pool. Our family swam while Louise sat and talked to us, Ray watered the flowers. The temperature was not too hot, though the pool was like a bathtub. I think William’s idea was a big success. It was a relaxing evening with quality family time. We are appreciative of our Fathers, one and all.

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