Sunday Visit

We went for a visit to see Louise today. She looked great. She has been cleaning around the house…cleaned and washed the garage today. She also went for a walk around the lake. There are goslings in three different families, so going to see the babies is a favorite route. It is not as over grown as up the mountain and it is an easier walk for her. She was talking better, though she still had some trouble with finding words. She didn’t seem as frustrated by that fact. Her agitation was less today than we have seen it. So she is still progressing and that is a good sign. She is getting more like herself everyday, and less childlike. However, she told us today that she went out for a walk yesterday by herself while Ray was busy on the phone in his office. He came running down to find her after he finished when he realized she wasn’t in the house. She couldn’t understand his alarm or why he told her not to go out without him. She says we need to give her some space. I explained that if she didn’t see a root or rock she could trip and fall and hit her head. She seemed to hear that, but told me so far she hasn’t fallen since her surgery. We tried to tell her that the uneven ground in combination with her eye not working well could be dangerous. We will see how it goes. It is these kinds of issues that are the most problematic, just a lack of judgment on her part. We see this kind of thing getting better but she still has to be watched closely, because when she makes up her mind there is no stopping her.
She has also started trying to cut back on her medicine, lowering her doses. This concerns us some, but she says she is doing better without it. The anti seizure meds are the most concerning in this area. The doctor specifically said to wait another 6 weeks or so before trying this. It is our hope that she does not have a significant seizure that would cause her to regress or cause further damage to her already injured brain.
Tomorrow they expect a call, or a visit from the home health therapists. A nurse has already been by to interview them and that went well. Tuesday is the appointment with the radiology doctor to talk about when they will start radiation. We are still waiting for a call from the Emory specialist she has been referred to. We do not know yet when treatments will start or what they will be. The oncologist last week seemed hopeful and confident that this chemo will be effective and we are holding on to that.

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