The Move

Today was moving day. Just in the nick of time. Louise figured out how to turn off her bed alarm last night. She told Hannah her “secret” that she got up all through the night without “bothering the nurses.” In the rehab facility she is at she will have more freedom to move around, something she will like. She was nervous about going to a new place. Head injured people have a hard time making changes, it can be overwhelming for them since their brains are trying to make sense of regular daily activities. To throw in a move, into a room with a stranger is huge for them. She was afraid her roommate would be loud or want to watch TV all the time. She was afraid she wouldn’t like it or the nurses wouldn’t be nice. All of that changed once she got there and met the nurses…who were better than nice. Completely understanding. Her roommate is a quiet, sweet lady so that is good. She seemed very impressed.
She loves her new place. She has already walked through the garden areas. She gets to wear her own clothes and she can walk to dinner instead of having it in her room. They also allow dogs to come for visits, so Ray brought Nellie to see her tonight, which thrilled her. She knows she is having issues so she is ready to work on them, but likes the freedom she has there. Tomorrow Ray is going to sign her out and take her home for a few hours so she can pick out what clothes she wants to have. He has already discovered they have some friends there as well so she may know some of the other patients.
We are seeing a lot of progress. If you had told us that 5 days after brain surgery she would be walking around, already in rehab, and getting to visit home we wouldn’t have believed it. But it is true. The therapy starts officially on Monday. They will do some assessments to see where she is in recovery and how much time they think she will need before she will go home. In the meantime, the tumor report should be back as well. Next week will tell us a lot of information.
Here is the info on her new place: The Oaks at Limestone, formally called Heritage. The address there is 2560 Flintridge Rd. Gainesville, Ga 30501, if you would like to send her cards. She currently has a roommate so there isn’t much room for flowers. Her room is probably going to change so if you just send it to her name they will get it to the right room. You can also send things to her home address. Ray has to read her cards to her, so he is happy to just bring them with him when he comes to see her. As far as visitors go…we were thinking she was ready, but today she got frustrated and very down on herself when she couldn’t remember people who came to see her. We think it would be best to hold off a bit longer and let her get settled in before adding the confusion of trying to remember friends. Cards and notes is a better plan for now.
Continue the prayers, God is at work.

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