Snow Days

I have said it before and I’ll say it again…I love snow days. Not only do I get the day off, but my family does too…which means we get time together, all six of us. We sleep in, read, and play. We sit by the fire with our hot chocolate, make snow ice cream and smores. We strategize our snow battles, create snow people, and admire our snow angels. While around here the fun is usually as short-lived as the snow, it is a much needed respite from the daily world in which we live.
In the South, snow days are simple. Simple is good. I’m not sure I would want to live in a place where it snows all the time. In those places, life goes on despite the snow. In those places, they laugh at us for calling school off because snow is predicted. But here, we relish every flake. We treasure them…and because they are rare, they are very valuable. Just go into any elementary school when the flurries begin if you want to see how much we cherish frozen precipitation. As students crowd around the window to watch, the smiles on kid’s faces could light up Atlanta at midnight. No video game can compete with snow falling in the south. The energy level in a classroom goes up past Christmas parties and fire drills. Anticipation sparkles in every eye in the room…especially the teachers. If a teacher is brave enough to take them out in the snow, she will see them run, jump, hop and twirl. Laughter bubbles up as smiling faces turn towards the sky to see if they can catch snowflakes on their tongues. “Teacher, teacher!!! I caught one!” The lesson of the day is that snow is fun…class dismissed.
As the buses go up the hill, full of excited kids with faces pressed to the windows, we thank God for the bus drivers. We ask that he get the kids home safely before the roads freeze over…and we ask for enough snow to sled. We rarely get that much, or if we do it is slush that is not conducive to a fast ride down a hill, but we ask anyway.
In the quiet of the next snow covered morning, he answers. The snow glows in the dawn. A white blanket that turns ugliness into purity covers everything. Amazing. I never tire of it. I never tire of the beauty. It is the perfect picture of his righteousness, his grace, and his mercy. A white robe of righteousness covers the earth reminding us of his ability to cover our dirt. Then as the world wakes to the wonder of it, laughter echoes across the valley. Children giggling as snowballs hit their mark and snow men take shape. We play in his grace. The purity of the fresh snow splatters on us, and sticks to our clothes. We jump, trying to sled and ride down the hill on his mercy. Our problems are distant when his grace is so evident. We are all childlike in the snow…simple.
Tomorrow will be like any other day. The snow will be gone because that is the way of snow in the south. Like life, it is fleeting…requiring you to stop everything and play while you can…living in the moment…playing in his grace.

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