Fall Again

A warm fire on a cold night in the fall just seems soothing. Somehow, it comforts me and makes life feel simpler. It is not the building it or carrying the wood up the stairs that makes it so…I think it is the fact that to properly enjoy a fire you have to sit down for an extended period. Quiet, stolen moments are a rarity in today’s world. The crackling wood and smell of smoke (the nice campfire kind) signals a change in season. Summer is gone. Autumn is upon us with all the glory of vivid colors and muted sunlight.
Hot apple cider and pumpkin bread produce smells, which both create and resurrect memories. If you imagine, before long, you will be transported to the days of jumping in piles of leaves in the yard. Smiles. Giggles. Raking them up and then splattering the colors all over again. In the childhood memory category, it ranks right up there with splashing in puddles and chasing fireflies. See what I mean…simple.
Moving forward in time to fall football games, we were and are wrapped in plaid fleece blankets with hot chocolate steam to keep our noses warm. All ages sitting in the nippy cold cheering for the team. The magic of fall brings with it the ability, for a couple of hours, to forget about everything but the game and being with friends. Hands maybe cold but hearts are warmed with togetherness.
Fall festivals, in the mountains, during leaf season are a call to go gallivanting and meandering around every curve. Roaming through antique stores, stopping for boiled peanuts, and fried apple pies provides an escape from everyday life. Fall lures and charms us out into nature. It is as if God uses the gorgeous weather to call to us. “Come see. I am waiting for you in the simplicity of fall.”
What a season…can you tell it is my favorite? On this day, I sit in front of the fire with a house full of college kids, as well as three of my own. A full house is one of my favorite things, so a full house in the fall, in front of the fire is contentment for me pure and simple. I am content to be facing a new season, in more ways than one. I am content to grab the time with my kids when I can. I am content to be in the place God has put me. My heart is full this day and there is a smile on my face once again…in the fall.

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