Times and Seasons

To everything there is a season.  I wonder if Solomon knew when he wrote these words how many mixed moments they would bring.  Maybe he wrote it BECAUSE of them.  God, in his wisdom knew, we would need these words to help us through the dichotomies of life; war/peace, life/death, laughter/tears, plant/ harvest, on and on they go.  Mixed moments.   They are part of life as we know it.  All of us have experienced them and have learned we cannot stop them.  As much as we would love laughter, life and peace all the time, we must also endure war, death and tears.  Seasons change…period.  No question.

Many times God brings people into our lives for a season.  Friendships ebb and flow.  They give us great comfort and even bring healing.  Sometimes iron is sharpening iron and other times peas are in a pod.  Our relationship with Pete and Heather is the latter.  From the time Pete met Bill they were bonded.  It was during a Christmas production at
Concord.  Bill would come home and talk about Pete all the time.  He wanted me to meet this guy.  Then the kids started talking about him.  If you know Pete at all, you know that his enthusiasm for life is contagious.  He will be the first to tell you that it has not always been so, but that God is his source. His love for the arts spills out on anyone near enough to catch it.  He is talented for sure, but when we first met him he was also trying to get his footing in life.  He knew God’s tremendous grace and he knew he had a purpose, but finding out how to get from point A to point B was a bit muddled.  Enter Heather.  Center Stage. 

It is a little scary to fall in love with a man that oozes with talent but doesn’t have focus.  That is where Heather and I hit it off quite well.  We relate to one another because of our men.  We are both teachers so we know what it means to be firm but gentle.  We are cheerleaders in life and our ability to see a diamond in the rough joins our hearts.  As you can tell, this friendship is one of those rare “couple” friendships where both the husband and wife get along.  It was magical for all of us.  We shared our hearts and dreams.  The guys shared their visions…which were quite grand I might I add.  They knew our history and our weaknesses, and loved us anyway.  That was a two way street.  We walked with them through courtship, marriage, Centerpeace, college, surgery, and now baby.  It has been quite a ride and we have loved having them in our lives.  I know they are not leaving our lives, just our city. 

It is one of those mixed moments I was talking about.  We are thrilled to see what God is going to do with them.  We encourage them to grab life and go for it…whatever IT is.   But at the same time, selfishly, we want them to stay here with us.  We want to continue to watch Silas grow.  We want Pete’s input into our kids lives to continue. Bill needs a playmate and Pete is fun.  We want fun in our lives.  Heather is sweet as sugar.  I like sugar. J  But God in his infinite wisdom knows that for whatever reason a new season is needed.  It is time for our friendship to change.  It will not end, but it will be different because for everything there is a season.  So we wish you well Pete and Heather.  You will always be in our hearts.  Our special friendship means the world to us and we want you to know that you can come “home” anytime.  We release you into God’s care as you move on in life.  We love you. 

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