Thirteen years ago I delivered my biggest baby at 11 lbs.  I had just taken a shower and was putting on make up when the doctor came in.  He said, “Do you know you just had a baby two hours ago?”  I said, “An eleven pound baby…do you know how much better I feel?  I can turn around in the shower and not hit my belly on the wall!”

I am so grateful for Peter.  He is my fourth and last baby. He was also the biggest at birth followed closely by Aaron at 10.5 and William at 9.14.  I have big boys evidently.  Now that they are all teenagers that has taken on a whole new meaning.  Peter has probably grown 2 inches since the summer.  He is like a weed on miracle grow!  He is my sportsman and loves all things to do with sports.  He has a tender side as well that occasionally peeks out.  He cried when we told him I had cancer.  He curled up with me when I was sick.  He struggled with fear after his room caught fire.  He smiled when he got cool new furniture.  He is funny which is typical of a last born, so he loves jokes and comedians. Science is easy for him and math is hard.  He loves traditions and eating breakfast out.  He is growing into a young man now and that saddens me.  However, it is time and I wouldn’t go back to toddler-hood for anything in the world.  I now have four teenagers…wow, I can almost feel my hair turning gray.  I do love every minute, okay maybe not EVERY minute, but I am trying to hold on and enjoy them while I can because they will be gone soon.  So happy birthday Peter…you are a blessing to me and I love you a ton!

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