The Bed Bug Saga

Some of you may have heard about our bed bug saga.  The hall Hannah lives on has had bed bugs since the beginning of the year.  They started three rooms down and have spread slowly up the hall.  Two rooms have already been evacuated and are now empty.  It is a very frustrating problem to have.  Each time they are discovered the girls have to wash every item of clothing.  They have to bag every item in their room in air tight sealed bags to suffocate the buggers.  The bug man comes and sprays then steams the rooms.  They have to sit for a few days then the girls move every thing back in and set the room up again.  The first couple of times it was a precaution.  The third time I found one dead bug as we were washing the bed linens.  Over Thanksgiving we did 14 loads of laundry.  When we got to the sheets there were live bugs in them.  I put them back in the bag sealed it up and threw it away. ( I never bring them in the house until I have checked them first in the yard.)  We took it all back to set up again.  This time I went to help the battle weary girls.  We started unpacking the bags that had been left in the room first.  As we were working we found a live bug.  This after the steaming and spraying over the break.  Frustration set in and tears flowed.  I ended up staying over to get them settled in their new room at the guest cottages.  Today I met with the dean of students, the residence life director, the physical plant director and some other directors I do not even know.  All were frustrated and very sorry about this nightmare for the girls.  They plan to move them for the next two weeks so they can really get in the room each day to treat the bugs.  They have a plan and they are spraying all the rooms on all three floors to try to knock them out.  Please pray that this blitz will work and the stablity will return after Christmas break.  The girls are handling it beautifully but still it is wear them down.  Finals are next week and this is a huge distraction.  It is evedently a new problems hitting campuses across the US.  They are working and helping the girls in every way possible.  I am hopeful that this can be resolved soon!  Join with me in praying for a cure.  Thanks.

2 thoughts on “The Bed Bug Saga

  1. Bed Bugs at Berry? Are you kidding me? Years from now she’ll look back on this as an adventure but what a challenge it is for now. I hadn’t heard about it. I hope Hannah is loving school as much as Jonathan! Much love to you all, Mindy

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