I have a different view of freedom these days.  Before, I rarely travelled outside the US, and when I did, it was to tourist destinations. Now, I have been to countries where freedom is spoken, but not lived out.  My navy-blue passport allows me access to places where others cannot move about freely.  That alone was … Continue reading Freedom

Moving Forward

The past several weeks, life has been on hold.  When a family need comes up, it takes precedence.  Everything gets rearranged and rescheduled, for all of us. Our family stopped to walk Betty to heaven’s door. I can’t think of a better reason to push pause, however, moving forward, I seem sluggish and not quite … Continue reading Moving Forward

In the Silence

In the silence, images float across my mind... Images of orphans running in the night. Fleeing for their lives. Dancing in freedom, that isn’t really freedom, but feels like it. Their smiles glow, even with pain behind their eyes. They are beautiful. Images of teachers and pastors moving forward. Knowing the hard truth. Getting up … Continue reading In the Silence